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Ice crown citadel raid group 10 man (Streaming)
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Joined: 14th Jul 2014
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18th Jul 2014

We want to do Ice Crown Citadel with guild (streaming) or else you cannot do it.

You need to have
And your time zone can play a role here Most of us are -1(Europe, Holland)
We have a 10 man raid group
2 Tanks
3 Healers
5 Dps

Leader:  Therosa 

            Time Zone
Noctorn +2
Therosa +2
Istompu  +2
Ametuti +2
Trawol +1


Woolybooly +2

Replacements (if there possible to join at right time)
Falenia -4 (dps)
Taxingcarp -4 (healer/dps)
Forerunner -4 (Tank/dps)
Hartley -4 (dps)
Falenia -4 (dps/healer/tank)
Pallymglay +6,5 (dps/tank)

Please if you sign up put your time zone in it and your gear (if its not in guild rank)

Find your time zone here " ... m/worldclock/"

Power is Knowledge

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Joined: 20th Jul 2014
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20th Jul 2014

Hit me upp on dps, trawlol ign dps sr3++, +1 time zone
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